NUADA: A new way to restore your hand mobility!

hand mobility

Losing hand mobility is a process that can occur due to aging, certain diseases or even accidents. Whether temporary or permanent, this condition can seriously affect people’s well-being, making them more dependent of others.

Now there’s an innovative way to regain your hand grip! NUADA is a robotic glove that can help its users to restore their hand mobility straight away.

This exoskeleton has a lightweight design, (only 270 g) but, at the same time, is extremely powerful. It allows you to hold up to 40 kg of weight without having to exert any effort or causing pain. Wearing NUADA will help you improve your quality of life.

Who can benefit from this assistance glove?

In addition to aging, or some types of sports injuries, there are several pathologies that can permanently, or progressively, affect hand strength.

The NUADA device can be effective whenever the hand mobility is affected in a moderate way. This support system will be helpful to patients suffering from:

  • Multiple sclerosis (MS);
  • Spinal cord injuries;
  • Muscle diseases (ALS, PAF);
  • Hand arthritis (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis);
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome;
  • Cubital tunnel syndrome;
  • Epicondylitis;
  • Hand tremor;
  • Parkinson’s and it’s subsets of Movement Disorders;
  • Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome I and II (CRPS);
  • Muscular Dystrophy.

Whenever these conditions affect hand mobility, this smart glove can help to decrease and prevent pain when grabbing and holding objects. By wearing NUADA, patients can regain some degree of independence in their daily tasks.

How can this robotic glove improve hand mobility?

Being a non-intrusive system, this soft exoskeleton will help you perform routine tasks in a discrete and natural way. It looks just like a normal glove and the user has full control of movement from the moment the system is activated.

Wearing NUADA, the users will be able to:

  • Hold cutlery while eating without assistance;
  • Use walkers in a safe way, both indoors and outdoors;
  • Hold or lift heavy objects, such as boxes, pots, pans or jars;
  • Carry grocery bags;
  • Write on paper or on a tablet;
  • Grab the bus or tram handles.

NUADA´s benefits increase with the amount of time you are using it. For more convenience, the glove can be customized according to the user’s specific needs.

This robotic glove is safe, intuitive and simple to use, therefore is the perfect device for regaining hand strength. If you are experiencing hand grip limitations, visit NUADA blog and find out more about this solution.

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