NUADA glove: How can this device improve your life

nuada glove

At first glance, the NUADA glove is different from similar mechanisms, as this device is smaller, lighter and more ergonomic. It can easily be mistaken for a simple and thin regular glove. In fact, the advanced technology with which it was developed is the key to achieve such a discreet and comfortable end result.

NUADA glove is a hand exoskeleton that allows its user to lift heavy loads (up to 40 kg) without having to exert any force.

The NUADA system combines 5 different main mechanical components:

  • Support system;
  • Wristband;
  • Motor interface;
  • Set of artificial tendons;
  • Textile smart glove.

All these parts work together as a unit that enables the user to meet the challenges of everyday tasks in the event of loss of hand function or a decrease in hand strength.

3 Steps to wear the NUADA glove

The NUADA device is very intuitive and easy to use.

  1. At first, the user needs to place the complete mechanism, on the hand and wrist.
  2. Then the mechanism needs to be activated.
  3. By simply surrounding the object, the glove adapts and actively helps the user holding that object, allowing the user to relax the hand. 
  4. The user can release the object whenever he wants, simply by inactivating the system and opening the hand.

Who can benefit from using the NUADA glove?

This device combines high tech and wearability, allowing almost anyone to use NUADA glove. It is not only useful for the elderly or people struggling with health problems. It can also be used by strong professionals in order to protect them when performing repetitive tasks or lifting heavyweights.

To learn more about this device and whether it can help you, NUADA has a medical team available to provide you with all the information you need.

1. Healthcare applications

In the healthcare field, the NUADA glove can be used in many situations, such as:

  • To prevent injuries in senior citizens or people weakened by health problems;
  • To support hand function in cases of lack of strength or pain;
  • To help with the rehabilitation process after a stroke or any other accident.

2. Professional applications

Whenever a worker must perform recurring lifting tasks or repetitive movements, the risk of injury is very high. Permanent deformation of the hands can even occur due to repetitive movements at work.

In the workplace, NUADA glove can also be very useful:

  • Helps to prevent injuries caused by daily tasks;
  • Supports hand function in the lifting of heavy loads;
  • Assists in the handling of vibrating tools;
  • Increases comfort and productivity.

NUADA: A solution to maintain or recover hand function

Our hands play an essential role in our lives from the day we are born. With the aging process, all of us may face some degree of reduction in hand function.

The NUADA device makes it possible to recover this ability in a discreet and comfortable way for the user. NUADA glove is a valuable aid for anyone who has lost the strength of their hands or suffers from acute hand pain.  

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