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NUADA in Healthcare

We use our hands on a daily basis and for pretty much all of our tasks be it at home orat work. Being limited because of an injury or an illness can feel intimidating and restricting for the affected.

Because people should be
seen as just that. People.

NUADA is bringing to the market an innovative hand function support system which uses thin, breathable, flexible and smart textiles to provide a light, non-intrusive, safe and small glove, to be used on an everyday basis.

The NUADA glove has the potential to be used both as an injury prevention equipment as well as functional support system and even on rehabilitation treatments.

Injury prevention

Helps to protect the hand while performing demanding tasks

Hand function support

Helps with lack of strength and pain in the hand

Hand rehabilitation

Helps decrease strain in the hand to allow improved recovery

Everyone who has lost hand strength or suffers from acute hand pain

Elderly people

Patients suffering from several types of arhtritis


Sarcopenia (degenerative loss of skeletal muscle mass, quality and strength)

Neurodegenerative disorders

Hand Trauma & Injuries




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