NUADA is a Portuguese start-up that patented a new approach to exoskeletons. The first application of this technology is the Nuada Glove that comes in the form of a glove and bracelet for the hand.

Nuada aims to be the leading company in the exoskeleton field.

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Why the name NUADA?

According to the legend, Nuada was the king of the Celtic gods. During a battle, he lost his hand and part of his arm, ceasing to be perfect and, therefore, losing the possibility of being king of the gods. He was replaced by an oppressing god who made his subjects very unhappy.

However, the god of healing made the Nuada a fully functional hand made of silver, restoring him to perfection and enabling him to resume his reign. Back on the throne, Nuada freed his people from oppression.

The impact that a physical characteristic of a single individual has on the entire population is quite interesting and served as inspiration for the name of our system!​

The story behind NUADA hand exoskeleton!

The idea to develop NUADA, an innovative hand exoskeleton, emerged from a simple hand injury. NUADA’s CEO, Filipe Quinaz, broke one bone in his hand in a sports accident.

For several months, simple tasks like holding a glass of water became challenging, others impossible, and it took him 2 years to regain his normal hand function.

This incident increased Filipe's understanding of the vital role hand function plays in people's lives. He endeavoured to find a solution to a widespread problem that affects millions, many facing even more enduring and permanent consequences.

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