To our NUADA Hand System!

    Your Life.

    The first product is for the hand and allows a user to hold up to 40 kg’s of weight with their hands completely relaxed.
    The simple ageing process, injuries or health related issues can cause pain, hand weakness or loss of hand function. Regardless of the causes, NUADA glove represents a solution to these kinds of problems.​

    Our Future is
    in our hands

    Fortunately, NUADA is here to empower the everyday tasks of the weaker hands. We are talking about an orchestrated daily care that allows active people, who find themselves less resourceful, to regain autonomy and reconnect with the world around them.


    Some people ask: Why the name NUADA?

    Nuada was, according to legend, the king of the Celtic gods. During a battle, he lost his hand and part of his arm, ceasing to be perfect and, therefore, losing the possibility of being king of the gods. Another god replaced Nuada, Bres, who was oppressing and made his subjects very unhappy. However, the god of healing Dian Cecht made the Nuada a fully functional hand made of silver, restoring him to perfection and the possibility of resuming his reign. Back on the throne, Nuada freed his people from oppression. The impact that, in this story, a physical characteristic of a single individual has on the entire population is quite interesting. Thus, the name of the main character, Nuada Silverhand, served as inspiration for the name of our system!​

    The story behind NUADA hand exoskeleton!

    The idea to develop NUADA, an innovative hand exoskeleton, emerged from a simple hand injury.
    Nuada’s CEO, Filipe Quinaz broke one bone in his hand in a sports accident. He struggled to perform everyday tasks for several months. Holding a glass of water, for example, became a huge challenge, and many other routine tasks became impossible. In fact, it took him 2 years to regain his normal hand function.
    The inspiration for the company’s name came from the legendary king of the Celtic gods, Nuada. The legend tells that he lost his hand in a battle but was able to replace it with a new fully functional one made of silver.
    NUADA is a device that looks like a thin glove that hides a hand exoskeleton and a smart wristband. The system is light and unobtrusive, and it makes a huge difference in the user’s quality of life.



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