Meet the Nuada Exo Glove

Regain your hand function!

Hold objects with your hand completely relaxed!

Useful for hand-related problems that affect millions of people:

  • lack of strength
  • pain in the hand
  • tremor in the hand


Understand it better in the video below!

Unique Characteristics

The Nuada Glove comes in the form of a glove and bracelet for the hand. The latter contains the mechanical support system which, in conjunction with artificial tendons, is paramount for the functionality of the Nuada Glove. Due to its innovative technology and design, the Nuada Glove has the following benefits:

  • full support of muscle function: holds objects of up to 40kgs with hand relaxed
  • increase grasp strength: without motor function
  • enables all types of grasp: fingers are acted individually, allowing the grasping of objects of any shape
  • lightweight: weights less than 300 grams
  • easy to put on: open textile design suitable for people with hand deformities
  • easy to use: due to its compactness and non-intrusiveness
  • energy efficient: lasts one full day of continuous use

Need more information? Check the video below!