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They touch, hold on and handle the world. They come in pairs and we call it hands. But on occasions, due to aging or an unfortunate event, they lose strength and grip; they no longer hold grocery bags, bike handlebars or a child.

Fortunately, Nuada is here to empower the everyday tasks of the weaker hands. We are talking about an orchestrated daily care that allows active people, who find themselves less resourceful, to regain autonomy and reconnect with the world around them.

What is Nuada?

Nuada is a revolutionary hand function improving system, safe, light and small that was designed to be affordable and non-intrusive.

Our solution uses thin, breathable, flexible and smart textiles that people can customize. It’s a unique enhancement technology that aims to be an everyday essential wearable that people even forget they are wearing.


Who is it for?


Primary target: Everyone who has lost hand strength or suffers from acute hand pain. This includes elderly people, patients recovering from strokes or suffering from several types of arthritis.
Real time holistic tracking and the subsequent cloud-powered treatment plans, streamline the way patient data is accessed, shared and learned from by healthcare professionals.

Professional activities

Secondary target: Professionals with demanding manual work. Companies and Individual Professionals can use Nuada to prevent hand problems, increase comfort and enhance productivity.


Secondary target: Sportspeople, sports practitioners and sports physiotherapists. By increasing hand strength and comfort, and by minimizing repetitive motion Injuries Nuada becomes an empowering sport co-pilot which helps to reach higher goals.

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Why Nuada?

Nuada’s solution relies mostly on energy efficient and lightweight components, created to deal with heavy weight support while maintaining touch sensitivity and a non-intrusive relation with the users’ body.

With an ergonomic and small design and with an extended life battery, Nuada can be used in everyday life with comfort and discretion.

Nuada looks like a simple glove, but if you look closer, it has special built-in tendons that support the hand when required. This is possible by connecting the artificial tendons to a patented, specially designed system that is worn on the users’ wrist.

In addition to the hand function support, Nuada is equipped with tracking components that collect metrics (pulling strength, stability while pulling, heart rate, amongst others) and shares the data with users and healthcare professionals.


Our Partners

Nuada teamed up with industrial and academic partners, people with expertise on creating novel robotic solutions for handicapped subjects, but also designers, healthcare physicians and sports professionals.


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 872922