Hand-related injuries

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are the most common occupational disease in industrial professionals and one of the most important causes for long-term sick leave. Risk factors for obtaining hand-related MSDs are:

  • repetitive work
  • painful and/or tiring positions
  • carrying and/or moving heavy loads
  • vibrations

With the Nuada Glove, companies and individuals workers can prevent hand problems, increase comfort and enhance productivity.

Nuada for Injury Prevention

The Nuada Glove is beneficial for a wide range of tasks commonly found in industry:

  • Grasp intensive
  • Tool vibration support
  • Increased utility when dealing with heavy objects

Due to its light weight and the use of thin, breathable and flexible textiles, the Nuada Glove is non-intrusive and compatible with other equipments - you may wear your protective glove on top.

Book a demonstration with us!

We are happy to demonstrate the Nuada Glove, and explore the possibility of visiting your company. During such a visit, we can provide valuable insights into the specific tasks where the Nuada Glove can deliver the most benefits.